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A Musing on Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

A few days ago, I read a blog post entitled “4000 Degrees Fahrenheit in Hell and Raising”.  The blogger wrote about the intense heat many in the south and southwest have been dealing with, equating the intense heat, of where the blogger lived, to that of hell.  I found myself unable to contain myself, and just HAD to respond when I read it that early Saturday morning.  My post has yet to be moderated.

Since many of us are dealing with the extreme heat, I have decided to share my response to the original blogger’s post.  It follows below.

I read your article and understand and appreciate the parallel you’re trying to make between the Phoenix heat and Hell. It’s truly physically difficult for our mere mortal bodies to live in such extremes. We know that many people die in such heat – the vulnerable, the young, the aged, the sick.

Since eternity is meant for the immortal soul, and not for the mortal body, I must pose the question: wouldn’t Hell be freezing? We read of the fire of God’s Love, and the warmth of His compassion. For example, we see that warmth and fire physically manifest itself as heat within marriage when spouses come together in the marital bond.

As practicing Catholics, we love the fire of the Holy Spirit, and the Sacred Heart, ablaze with the Fire of God’s Love (Hebrews 12:29). We read extensively throughout both the Old and New Testaments of the purification of the soul likened to that of the refiner’s fire (That’s pretty darn HOT!). Since many of us want to find ourselves in Heaven, surrounded by God’s Love in the Beatific Vision, and given what we know about the heat equated with that Love, one would have to surmize that Heaven is going to be an extremely hot place to live out eternity.

So where does that leave us with Hell? Frankly, speaking, I don’t want to go there!

We’ve been barraged with images of the devil in a red suit, with horns, and a pitched fork, surrounded by fire. Is this an accurate depiction? We have heard so many speak of “burning in Hell”. Yes, we find in Scripture, too, passages related to the Lake of Fire. Why would the same word be used to describe two opposing elements? Wouldn’t it be more of a symbolic language as a figurative “wake-up call” for those who have no idea of God, or for those who have rejected His precepts as Truth?

Since we know that God’s Love is about heat and fire, the opposite of that would be devoid of Love; devoid of Joy. Without that all-consuming Love and Joy, there would be nothing by desolation, nothing but coldness. Nothing but darkness.

Given this, I go back to my original question, wouldn’t Hell be freezing?

God bless and keep you, and thank you for your time. I await your response.

For what it’s worth, the response I gave happened when the juices started to flow on a Saturday morning at 8:00am.

For my blog readers, I welcome your musings.   God bless you all!