Kona’s Recuperation – Day 1


When I began The Adventures of Sally, my intent was to blog about the various adventures life took me on.  And trust me, there are many! With that in mind, today found me embarking on a whole new adventure – Kona’s Recuperation.

Last Wednesday, our sweet Kona tore the CCL in her right hind leg which led us on an adventure to the animal emergency hospital in Columbia – a truly pristine facility with professional and extraordinary care.  Following Kona’s diagnosis, we were told she would need surgery.  Our heads started spinning (and no, not literally).  I’ve had my share of pets over the years, but I’ve never encountered this!  This began the adventure of Kona’s surgery.

The orthopaedist, Dr. Kunkel, a specialist in CCL repairs, told us about the procedure and gave us the low-down on recuperation from a surgery of this type.  The surgery took place yesterday and we picked her up today.  Let’s just say the next two weeks are going to be very challenging.

We were very impressed with how meticulous the surgeon was at keeping us updated on Kona’s progress.  He called us post-surgery, and then we received another call this morning from the intern to let us know that Kona was doing well and ready to go home.

Before picking her up, Kona received her first PT session.  When we picked her up, we were taught how to help her with her PT at home – a nerve-wracking experience!  She was not happy about having strange men (even if they were professionals) touching her leg and getting close to her private areas.  Kona’s such a lady!

On top of the PT, Kona is required to become familiar with pre-American history – namely, the Elizabethan era.  Kona needs to wear an Elizabethan collar, aka: a cone.  This will prevent her from licking her incision sites.  Oh! Kona’s CCL was repaired and meniscus removed; she was sutured with staples.

Getting Kona into the car was a trick because the E-collar prevents her from having any peripheral vision.  Obviously, we got her into the car, since she’s home.

When we arrived home to familiar territory, Kona was thrilled to begin sniffing her old stomping grounds.  She’s allowed slow, short walks, and we are using a body sling to help stabilize her back legs while she learns how to put weight on her leg again.

She did eat supper tonight – of course it was laced with unsalted peanut butter.  HER FAVORITE!!  She’s drinking plenty of water.  YAY!  Since she slept all evening, it was difficult getting her up to go out to see if she would potty.  She went out, but didn’t do anything.  Most likely tomorrow morning she’ll be more awake.  On a down side, she does have some very mild bowel leakage, but I have no doubt that it is either from the anesthesia or one of the medications she is on.

We made it through her nightly PT session.  She began falling asleep.  Score one for the home team!  The icing, she wasn’t too keen on, but tolerated it well.  The picture below shows Gene keeping the ice on a very hot area.  20180523_230032[1]

Now that we’re all done with our nightly regimine, it’s time for all of us to go to bed.  Day 2 will be posted as the adventure continues…I hope.  I will be home with her.

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for all of us.  Your prayers are felt!






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