Kona’s Recuperation Days 2-3


Day 2


Thursday brought a new challenge – Pet Insurance!  I can hear it now, “That’s like closing the barn door after the horse escaped.”  There’s a lot of truth in that statement, but as a veteran pet owner, pet insurance has never been part of the proverbial mix of things to secure.  I’ve learned an expensive lesson – better to insure than to not.

After several phone calls, I finally found a company that does not have a bilateral exclusion for CCL injuries.  That’s right!  Pretty much every company excludes CCL injuries.  It’s too extensive to get into here, but I’ve learned it is best to insure a dog as quickly and as young as possible in order to avoid a serious financial hit and the risk of never recieving any reimbursement for any treatment. UGH!

Otherwise, Kona had a quiet day.  While still a bit groggy she was compliant with allowing us to help her with her physical therapy.  She dislikes her E-collar, but it’s necessary for her to wear it when she is out of our eyesight.  She cannot, under any circumstance, lick or sniff her incisions due to the likelihood of introducing bad bacteria.  We DON’T want that to happen!


Day 3


Kona and “daddy” spent the day together while I went to work.  Gene had the chance to experience a day like I had yesterday.  The only difference is that Kona got up on her own this morning.  This is a great sign as it means the anesthesia is beginning to work itself out.

By the time I got home, I was told that Gene spent most of his time next to Kona so she wouldn’t have to wear her E-collar AND she had received her afternoon physical therapy session.  That just left one more session for this evening.

Our sweetness is willingly taking her antibiotic, pain medications, and supplements – as long as they are accompanied by PEANUT BUTTER!!

I’m already exhausted and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  Perhaps we’ll all sleep in a little since it’s a Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Kona’s Recuperation Days 2-3

  1. Praying for her. Glad it is going well so far. Those collars are the worst. I know how much doggies hate them. She is VERY lucky to have such loving owners.

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