Kona’s Recuperation – Day 4



Now come the added challenges…

First of all, we all got some much needed sleep.  We even slept in this morning – until 7:45am.  We all roused together and Gene and I found a much more energetic doggie!  That means the anesthesia is just about out of Kona’s system.  Hooray!  It was sweet to see her giving daddy “Kona kisses”, and her sweet face was readily awaiting “mumma kisses”.  “If she’s doing better, what’s with the ‘added challenges’?”, you may ask.  Keep reading…

Kona MUST be on activity restricitions to prevent what’s called “overuse injury”.  No exceptions.  Now that she’s feeling more like herself she wants to be more active.  We can’t afford her getting an overuse injury.  It’s going to be much more difficult to keep her at bay while she wants to do more.  It makes me think of the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  Kona isn’t old, but she’s no puppy.

One of Kona’s “things” is to sniff EVERY blade of grass in the back yard – from the root to the top and then back again.  This is a recuperation challenge because she won’t void unless she’s sniffed the entire back yard.

Another of Kona’s “things” is that she wants to experience life beyond “the gate”.  For the past 4-1/2 years, Kona has been taken on walks around the neighborhood.  Not once a day, but twice.  She’s longing to sniff the neighborhood.  Instead, she is taken to the back yard, only to engage in a struggle of the wills – ours and hers.  She will start to go in one direction, then circle around and head for the gate.  One day she’ll go beyond, just not anytime in the forseeable future.

Now that a couple of the additional challenges have been laid out, we did have a “win” today – and I didn’t have to add pumpkin to her diet.  YAY!!  We had gone out for her morning constitutional when it was time to come in.  We get in, and she’s gluing herself to the doors.  We just thought it was because she wanted to go for a W-A-L-K because it 20180526_103308[1]was a decent day to be out.  So, in order to calm her down, we had to pull out the crate.  She was none too happy!

When 1:00pm came, we decided to let her out of the crate to get some water and to try another backyard outing.  It was a like a bull being released from its pen at a bullfight.  Kona needed to GO, and nothing was going to get in her way if she had anything to do with it.  And did she ever GO.  Not once but TWICE!  Hooray!

Mind you, each time she goes in and out, she needs to be picked up and carried down the steps.  Yes.  Kona is our 50-lb toddler.

If you look closely at this pic, you’ll be able to see her incision and staples.

Since we have been able to keep Kona in our sight, she hasn’t had to wear the E-collar all of the time.  We save that for when she isn’t in our direct eye and for overnight.  Oh!  We’ve taken to begin calling the E-collar Kona’s wimple.

As for her physical therapy, tomorrow we switch from post-PT ice pack to pre-PT warm packs.  She’s doing great!

Tonight’s potty-runs provided Kona with a little excitement – TOADS!  She’s such a huntress and toads are no exception.  We encountered three of various sizes.  Luckily, by keeping her on a short leash, it keeps her just outside of their reach, much to her chagrin.  At least she only encountered toads and not rabbits, which we need to sweep the yard for before taking her out.  For Kona, “Rabbit Stew” is the special for the day!

As today comes to a close, I am thankful for another “win” for Kona and for us.  We are one day closer to staple removal day – June 6.  It can’t come soon enough.

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