Kona’s Recuperation – Day 6


Day 6

We’re Still Alive!

At last night’s post, our biggest concern for today was the rain from Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto.  Gene was keeping a close eye on when the bulk of the rain was to enter our area, etc.  As luck would have it, the sky opened up just after midnight.  By the time we woke up this morning, we capitalized on the dry pocket that was over our area and took Kona out.

Today’s adventures included Kona getting up on her own to let us know she needed to go out and sniff the backyard.  We had a couple of outings like that, but it’s difficult to keep such a creature like Kona from spending time in the outdoors.  During one of those outings, she spotted another creature on the other side of the front fence.  It was quite the struggle to keep her from running after it.  Both Gene and I had to rely on all of our strength combined to counter her strength.  WOW!!

Kona still doesn’t like to walk on her leg when she’s inside, but we understand that’s normal.  When she’s outside, though, Kona is using her leg.  I know that she will eventually get her complete foot down rather than walking on the front pads of that leg.

She continues to enjoy her physical therapy.  She actually falls asleep!  Perhaps her enjoyment is due to getting lots of love…

Speaking of falling asleep, Kona spent the day getting creative with her sleeping habits:  head hanging off her bedding.  LOL!!!

We look forward to tomorrow, as by day’s end, we will be at the half-way point before Kona’s staples are removed.

Stay tuned!


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