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Kona’s Recuperation – Day 7


Day 7

The Mid-Point Adventure!

When we first brought Kona home from the SPCA 4-1/2 years ago, we weren’t sure what to expect from this beautiful and sweet creature, but we quickly realized how smart she was and that she wanted to be with us.  That first night, I remember looking to the side of the bed and found the sweetest little face just waiting for an invitation.  I called her up to the bed so she wouldn’t be alone, and from that moment forward Kona’s pack was formed.

Fast-forward to Kona’s injury and surgery.  Throughout this process, Gene and I have taken to sleeping in the living room with Kona because that’s the most comfortable place for her these days, not to mention she doesn’t like being alone at night.  She needs to be with her pack – US!   Yes.  The house looks a bit like a college frat house.  And no!  I’m not going to post a picture!  LOL!!

Last night, as we were preparing our bedding to go to sleep, Kona did the cutest thing.  Actually, she used her amazing cuteness to try and lure us into submission, but we held fast.  Rather than curling up in her bed, she made her way to Gene’s bedding, which is next to hers, and plopped herself down.  Her head was resting on her front paws, and her baby blues were looking up as if to say, “Please don’t make me move.  I want to be close to daddy.”  Unfortunately, we had to move her over to her bed as it was the safest place for her.

Today, we had another win with her once again asking to go out; however, when it’s in the upper 80’s to near 90 with high humidity, and Kona wants out for the sake of being outside, it calls for a well of patience.  I was drenched by the time I came in with her.  Thank you Mr. Carrier for air conditioning!

Kona’s physical therapy is coming along.  She enjoys the heat pack, but she’s beginning to become resistant to doing the range of motion exercises, even with falling asleep during the therapy.  Go figure!

Tonight’s “before bed potty” adventure brought more excitement – a Rabbit!  It was a lucky rabbit to have gotten to the other side of the fence before Kona could get to it.  Lucky for us we had Kona in both a harness and walking support sling.  Either way, Kona’s tail was up and wagging.  That’s my girl!

Tomorrow will bring a new set of adventures and uncertainties as Kona will be home by herself tomorrow.  That means doing what we can to keep Kona in one area and in her “wimple”.  This is a combination she won’t enjoy.  I’m hoping to find a reasonably priced expanding dog playpen so we can set it up in the great room when we cannot be home.

With that, we have completed Day 7, and before we know it June 6 will be here.