2008-06-09 How much hotter can it get?

Okay, so I know it’s going to sound like I’m complaining, but let’s be realistic.  90+ heat with high humidity is just not a winning combination.

I love New England, with it’s many changes, and while I don’t see myself living in any other area of the world, the extremes are beginning to get to me.   The temperatures are like that for August, not June.  It has been so sudden, this heat wave, but then to add the humidity…It doesn’t even cool off at night.  I bet the power plants are having a field day with this.  My electric bill will most assuredly reflect this sudden onslaught.

Tuesday is supposed to be in the high 90’s again.  (It’s been like this since Saturday.)  The only difference is that the heat index is suppose to go above 100.  We’ve heard that there is a State of Emergency being enacted.  Yikes!  In the winter we have to worry about Alberta Clippers, and now this…it’s not even officially summer yet!  I suppose that I shouldn’t complain.  Plenty of water, cool places, light clothing, and “staying low” will get us through.

I feel for the elderly with all of this heat, especially those who deal with CHF and other heart related disorders.   They are the ones who suffer the most.  Their lives depend on taking appropriate precautions.

Let’s see how much sleep this body will get tonight.

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