2008-07-11 Sunsets

I love sunsets!  When I see one that especially stirs me, I have to chase after it.  Silly me!  There’s just something about the setting sun that sets my heart ablaze.  They take my imagination to places I’ve never been, places that only God Himself could allow me to explore.

Sunsets allow me to explore that wistful wonderment of imagination.  This evening, it was no different.  It was about 8:45pm, and I had just finished some shopping at a nearby Mall when I noticed the remaining day’s light breaking through an opening in the clouds.  I looked up at these unusually beautiful clouds.  They were various shades of gray.  In the south & southwest skies the layers weren’t too high, and each layer looked like partially puffed swirling feathers.  I don’t recall ever seeing anything quite like it before.  In the west, there was a break in the clouds which allowed for the remaining light of the day to peek through.  The edges of the clouds were a vibrant red lined silver with a gold background.  In the northwest, the clouds had broken to reveal a silver/gold sky that looked similar to an ocean’s horizon.  Moving to the north, northeast, and eastern sky, the view was unobstructed, save for a few straggling wisps of clouds.  The blue/gray hue in the sky reminded me of early morning, before the sun’s rays rise above the horizon.  I didn’t want the beauty to end.  To me, what I experienced could be likened to the sunrise and sunset happening at the same time.  Breathtaking beauty!  I would have loved to have pulled off onto the shoulder of the highway to watch as time passed, but alas, I could not.  This was a sunset that needed to be savored in undistracted peace.

I count myself very blessed to have been able to experience what I did.  For that brief moment, time stood still…and it was just me and God.

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