2008-07-12 On being a home owner

Being a single home owner certainly is tough work.  There’s always a project that needs to be done, in addition to the basic every day chores.

I have a mudroom that remains unfinished.  It’s basically trim work, but it’s an old house, and things just don’t go back the way they were before.  This leads to the inevitable realization that additional money is going to be involved.  Stop the presses!  More Money?  OUCH!  I guess that one is just going to have to wait, again.

About a week ago, my housemate was doing laundry when I noticed a strong smell of fabric softener wafting about.  Come to find out, the dryer hose was falling off of where it connects to.  So, that’s just going to have to stay in the mind’s eye to check between loads.  After inspecting the rest of the hose, I noticed a few other holes in it.  Tape becomes a very creative source at times like these.  To top it off, I threw a load of laundry in the dryer this morning, and needless to say, the hose fell off the back of the dryer, along with the other junctures, and yes, another hole.  Needless to say, a trip to get a new hose is in order today.  But I need my clean laundry first!

Then there’s the cellar and the garage.  It’s amazing how much accumulates after 14 years.  However, those 14 years weren’t always alone.  Just the past three or four months.

Needless to say, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the immensity of what needs to be done.  However, I know myself enough to know that it will all get sorted out in time, and it’s not on my side.  There are priorities, and each will get it’s day, week, or month

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