2008-08-08 On the gift of hearing

My recent poll on what makes one relax was added as a result to a specific activity.  I found myself listening to the rain’s cadence.  It was cool enough to have the windows and the door open, which lent themselves to a wonderful experience of listening.  The T.V. was off, and it was mid-evening when the rain began.  It was a most calming experience to just sit and listen.  It took me back to my younger days when I used to love to listen to the falling rain.  The rain became an orchestra to my ears.  Sweet music!

So, tonight while everything else is quiet, I can hear the chirping of a lone cricket outside.  A cricket’s aria.  Another sound I used to love to listen to as a child.

Which reminds me, as a child, I used to lie in bed at night and listen to the song of the toads, tree frogs and crickets.  In the distance, there would be the blowing of a train’s whistle.  The rumbling vibration of the train and the symphonic nightsong of the creatures outside is a favorite childhood memory

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