2008-08-16 On lawn mowing

Lawn mowing…a necessary task.

God provides us with grass–a soft green bed in which to lie on and enjoy what is happening overhead.  The rains come and provide the ground with its much-needed thrist-quenching drink.  The storms come, and the soil is reinvigorated with nitrogen and whatever else lightening provides (besides the obvious fire with a direct hit).   So far, so good.  The only obstacle now is an out-of-control field of wildness instead of a peaceful lawn.

I’ve found myself enjoying the times when I can mow the lawn (or weeds).  Its great exercise if not done in the heat of the day.  So, we’ve been getting a lot of rain here in good ‘ol Massachusetts.  Couple that with a 10-hour day, and one doesn’t exactly have a good combination for lawn mowing.

So, last Saturday, we finally had a day without rain.  The sun was supposed to be out.  Hooray!  Finally, I could cut the “hay”.  It had been about 3-4 weeks since my last mowing.  Needless to say, I very exuberantly hauled the mower out of the garage, checked the fluids, got it started, and began my first pass.  All of a sudden, the mower stalled.  I checked the fluids again; all was fine.  I restarted the mower and tried again.  Same thing–stalled.  This time when I tried to restart the mower, I was hit with quite a surprise–the pull-cord ripped right out of my hand, which found me stepping backwards and almost losing my step.  I realized at that moment that the grass was clogging up the blade.  GREAT!   So, off I go again to restart the mower.  Nothing.  I tried again. Still nothing.  The engine was flooded.  WONDERFUL!!  Let’s just say that this went on all afternoon.  A job that should have taken me 45-minutes to complete took me 4-hours.

All I could think of was what the neighbors must have been thinking and what a sight-to-behold I must have been.  We all know that yard work is not a fashionable task.  So, in the meantime, laundry was washed, dried, and put away between mower stallings.

All in all, I worked out the best possible solution for geting the lawn mowed without having to deal with the engine stalling–I could only pass through a 1-foot wide strip at a time, and even at that I had to keep the passes to about 6-feet in length.  WOW!  My poor lawn mower was on overload.  At one point I questioned why I didn’t buy a self-propelled mower, but then I put that discouraging thought right out of my mind.

Let’s just say that the final time I emerged from the house to get through the lawn, I had to pray and just leave the whole thing up to God.   I knew, at that point, that it would only be by the Grace of God that I could finish the lawn.  God gets the credit for being the foreman

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