2008-10-20 Morning Sun

Today is Monday, and like most, it came all too quickly after the weekend.  The alarm, while sounding at the same time as always, seemed to go off too early.  It’s difficult getting up while it’s still dark outside.  The flick of the light switch is an unwelcome, yet necessary, assault on the eyes.  Oh how I long for the days when the sun rises early.

While going about my usual morning routine, I became aware of the rising sun which, of course, negated the need for lights.  As the time for me to leave grew near, I had to heat up the car and scrape the frost from its windows.  This was not a happy moment for me as I am in denial over the coming cold and impending winter.

As it has been over the past week, when I leave the driveway and start my way down the street, the sun is glaring in my eyes.  This morning, however, was a moment of peace and beauty.  The sun’s rays shone down through the trees on the road ahead of me.  It was beautiful.  All I can say is that the image reminded me of a Robert Frost book cover.

I thanked God for that moment as I knew it would be the most beautiful and peaceful of my day.

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