2010-04-03 The Adventures of Selling my House

As you now know, I put my house on the market, 2 weeks ago, in fact.  Within a few days, I was given an offer.  A low offer at that; however, my counter-offer was accepted.  Within a few days (last Saturday), the prospective buyers had the inspector retained to review the property.  The long and the short is that the property passed inspection.  That being said, the “buyers” decided Wednesday to expect me to pay them, at closing, to replace the windows.  Let’s just say my answer was an emphatic “NO!”  By yesterday, my realtor called me to state that the buyers provided a pricing to replace 14 of 16 windows with double-hung Low-E insulated windows, AND a pricing to replace the front porch with 3-1/4″ tongue-in-groove MAHOGONY decking, with 2 coats of paint.  I laughed.  My realtor laughed.  I advised my realtor to return the deposit to the buyers thanking them for their kind and gracious offer, but I respectfully decline and wish them well.  At this point, the house will be reopened to showings with an Open House slated for next Saturday afternoon.

Can you imagine the gall of these buyers?  As it was last Saturday, the inspector showed up almost 1/2 hour early, thus throwing a MAJOR wrench in my day’s plans as the cat was out and I needed him to be in.  Most of you know how he “bolts” even around people he DOES know.  Then the buyers showed up 15-minutes early.  Let’s just say, I was still trying to get dressed at that point in order to leave.  After the inspection, I was accused of gluing my windows shut–I had to prove that it was clear silicone weatherstripping for doors and windows.  That was easy to do as I still had the canisters.  Then, come to find out, the so-called “father” that was supposed to walk through with one of the buyers last Monday was actually a contractor–not her father.  My realtor was shocked when she heard that one.  That secured for me that the intent, all along, had been to “low ball” the price in order to “flip” the house in a couple of years, getting me to pay, and they in turn make a major profit.

Do people think that the rest of us are not aware of the $8000 tax credit for 1st time homebuyers?  Let them use that, and not me.  The gig is up!

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